How an inversion table helped me to cure my back pain!

So, I suffer from some chronic back pain and quite frankly spoken: IT FREAKING STINKS! I have tried everything from acupuncture to prescription narcotics, which I do not want to be on. I mean really, who wants to be swallowing a bunch of pain pills that only work so well? I have found that nothing has worked as well as my inversion table has.

At first I was completely sceptical of an inversion table because, it seemed far too simple of a solution to my chronic problem and although the Mayo clinic says it is not scientifically proven to work, it does work in practice. I have gotten great benefits from using my inversion therapy table. I actually stumbled across a guy called Richard Wilcox who runs his own website called the Inversion Table Life. His blog helped me to understand the benefits, and figure out which table I need for perfect therapy.

What it does is allow me to hang upside down thus, giving my back a true rest from everyday pressures. This helps me to:

  1. Reduce Tension in my Muscles
  2. Rehydrates my Spinal Column
  3. Reduces the Pressure on Spinal Nerves

So lets talk about my muscles, first, since that is first on my list after all, I cannot tell you how much better I feel after I’ve taken a break, relaxed and turned upside down. This is because all my tension is gone from using gravity to give all the muscles in my body a good and proper stretch. Something I am not able to do as well as my inversion table does for me during the day.

For those interested, I have the Body Champ IT8070 and would heavily suggest reading this review to learn more.

Next, since it is second on the list let us talk about rehydration of my spinal column. Although I cannot feel these effects, I am told that when you sleep your body rehydrates only so much fluid into your spine. This is because it is at full rest, however by hanging upside down with my inversion table I am able to restore my spinal fluids much more quickly, and this combats tension headaches, which I do have a whole lot less of.

Finally, since it is the final item on my list, my inversion table also reduces the pressure on my nerves, which decreases my nerve pain. After using my inversion table, I was able to go off some medications because of the drastic decrease in nerve pain. I swear out of all this I think my nerve pain was the most excruciating.

I love my inversion table. It has drastically improved the quality of my life and that is saying a whole heck of a lot.

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