Factors To Consider When Buying Bread Machine

Advising folks to buy this bread machine and not that isn’t easy. In fact, giving out choices is probably the hardest thing to do.

Those who wish to employ the scientific way of finding the best bread machine will find these five factors quite handy. Just remember that there are other things to take into consideration too such as dietary preferences, baking habits, and yes your pocketbook of recipes, that is if you already have a few bread recipes to try out.


If you like waking up to fresh bread or return back to savor the same then you need to be attentive to the timer on the bread machine. Not all machines come with this but most do and they time the baking cycle as well as the mixing phase. With practice later on you can predict when the machine will start baking based on the time you set so that you return just in time to pull out a freshly made bread. Well, this is important if you want to only keep the dough and not bake it in the machine. To some this is just gibberish but diehard oven baking fanatics will understand the importance of doing the math on the bread machine timer. Alternatively if you are a stay at home types then you really don’t need a timer.

Pan Size

For those who have a large family or simply like entertaining guests with a loaf of bread get something that is large enough to contain 3 cups of flour. A few models actually bake up to 3 pounds but those are just as expensive as they are rare. On the other hand you can go for small machines if you want to invite one or two people. Homemade bread goes bad quick as there aren’t any preservatives used so consider the pan size very carefully.

Pan Shape

When bread machines started out they only gave vertical loafs that were tall, long and never traditionally shaped. This was the signature of a bread machine. Today, manufacturers have figured out a way to bake horizontal loafs similar to those found with preservatives in the grocery store. Just they cost a bit more, so think carefully about the shape.

Another thing to remember is that machines that bake a horizontal loaf actually aren’t great at kneading. They can leave flour to the corners and while you could move things around a bit by opening the lid, this is difficult when you are depending on a timer as you aren’t around. Zojirushi Bread Machines have a built in pan shape feature.

Reviewers too suggest that an upright model does a much better job mixing ingredients but that should not matter if you are truly attuned to the perfect artisan style baked bread.

Variety And Number of Cycles

For a bread machine to be versatile at different recipes, make different things and do it right it needs to have the ability to knead and mix properly or in other words be backed by an excellent design and motor. Naturally something that is designed well and is sturdy will automatically offer you plenty of choices and options.

The Price

It is not what you think. A machine isn’t necessarily going to be better because it is priced premium. In fact, no two models from the same company are the same even if there is a fractional difference in price. So do your research removing price as a constraining criterion. Actually, the only reason price is quoted last in this list is to warn you to keep away from the price tag. If something fits your bill get it no matter its price. Too costly consider it your bad luck, too cheap be happy you are satisfied with the smaller things in life.

Alternatively if you are short on funds or are cautions by nature, you can try out garage sales for used bread machines or hit eBay. These are excellent places to pick up bargains.

These factors aren’t what one considers when buying a new bread machine. In fact, they are the secondary things to look at but they matter a lot. That is why they are mentioned in an entirely different post. To read bread machine reviews, head over to: http://www.breadmachinedirect.com/

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